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Fred Cuellar or The Diamond Guy as he is known to legions of people is a renowned diamond expert that has helped everyone from to frazzled fiancees to NFL stars assess and design diamonds. While he was always a budding entrepreneur, his career trajectory started on a completely different path before he would go on to advise presidential families on the four C’s of diamonds, which if you have been advised by Fred, you would know is:cut, color clarity, carat.

Long before he was advising Tyra banks on hot to spot a fake ring Fred wanted to be the next Bobby Fisher or David Copperfield-- having interests in both chess and magic as a child.

To initially appease his father, Fred became a Reveille and attended Texas A&M University set to study mechanical engineering. Fred always fostered an entrepreneurial spirit and created a dating site, as a side project, while attending classes. It was while working part-time at a men’s clothing store that Fred learned about how lucrative the jewelry business was through a manger there. In 1985, Fred officially dropped out of Texas A&M to officially start his own business, Diamond Cutters International, where he is a diamond connoisseur.
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Fred was also tasked with creating Playboy’s Millennium Playmate Pendant, the 2008 Presidential Inaugural Jewelry Collection, “Harley of Gold” for Harley-Davidson, he 2 million dollar “Super Pizza” for Little Caesar 's, the $200,000 “Gem Prowler” in conjunction with Chrysler Plymouth, and the “world’s most expensive toy” — a full-size, fully working Rubik’s
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