Essay On Frederick Douglass Hardships

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The Hardships of Frederick Douglass

The few scars on Frederick Douglass’ back told a story. A story that is cruel, inhumane, and unfaithful to mankind. Douglass had been through many difficult points during his life. In particularly, he had an early separation with his mother, he was sent away from his remaining family to work for Hugh Auld, he was taught illegally how to read and write, and he was sent to a new owner who was considered a “slave breaker”. Also, he had tried to escape with other slaves but failed. Frederick Douglass still had managed to stay put through all of this pure torture. Frederick Douglass was born in the year of 1818. Soon after, he was separated from his mother, Harriet Bailey, who was hardly able to visit. Later on, she had passed away when Douglass was around seven or eight. A while after, he had been selected to move to Baltimore. According to any slave, Baltimore or
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Hence, he was given to Captain Anthony’s son-in-law. Frederick was then sent to the slave breaker, Mr. Covey. A slave breaker is someone who mistreats slaves so that they will always do whatever they are told. One day, Douglass was ordered to drive an Ox-wagon even though he did not know how to control it. On his way to haul some wood from the woods the oxen acted up and he could not gain control. The cart was about to crash into a tree and kill Douglass but luckily he escaped his death. Obviously, he could not lie to his owner, so when he told him what had happened he said he was going to give him lessons. Instead of giving him lessons, he pulled out his cow-skin and was about to whip Douglass but did not. Another event that had occurred was that Mr. Covey went to attack Douglass but he had fought back. Frederick thought he was a goner, but instead, Mr. Covey simply walked away. This moment was key because for standing up to a master, a slave could be killed, instead, Mr. Covey just walked
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