Essay On Frederick Douglass's Motivation For Education

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Frederick Douglass, an American slave who was able to free himself through education. Obtaining his lessons through Mrs. Auld or from the poor white children, Douglass was able to become self aware of his surroundings. Though denied to be taught anymore, Douglass sustained his motivation for education. Education was beneficial to Douglass as it allowed him to combat against his oppressors. Education is an important tool that empowers people through knowledge and allowing the people to become more conscious of the world. Frederick Douglass, an American slave who bettered himself through education. Getting his first lesson from Mrs. Auld, who taught Douglass basic literary skills, then relying on white children in order to learn how to write. Through his struggles, Master Auld forbade Mrs. Auld to continue to teach Douglass how to read, claiming “If you taught that n- (speaking of myself) how to read, there would be no keeping him. It would forever unfit him to be a slave.” (Douglass 41.) Meaning, if Mrs.Auld continued to teach Douglass, Douglass would become aware of how erroneous slavery was. However, Douglass continued to further his studies, becoming informed of the horrors slavery actually was. Ultimately, Frederick’s new found knowledge on slavery, gave the motivation needed to become ‘free’. When Douglass began to read “The…show more content…
Covey seemed to break Douglass’s motivate to advance his studies, leaving him with a broken spirit. After the event of Douglass acting out defiantly towards Covey, Douglass crawled back to Master Thomas to ask for protection. Once Douglass returned to Mr. Covey, Covey was setting up for Douglass to be punished. Sharp witted Douglass figured out what Covey was up to, and decided this was the chance to fight back. A physical fight ensued, which Douglass managed to win. Mr. Covey didn’t bother Douglass after the incident. By Douglass confronting Mr. Covey, he was establishing dominance over his
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