Essay On Free College Tuition

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Free college tuition should be given to students in order for them to focus on their studies and it will help them become more successful. There has been many arguments over this issue. A college education is basically a need now a days because although not many jobs require a college degree good jobs demand them. Many students already struggle with money due to the fact that they do not come from a privileged family so many opportunities don’t apply to them and in most cases they don’t even bother because they know they won’t be able to afford college and many don’t try. Free college tuition should be considered and enforced due to college being very expensive and most students don’t meet the requirements for loans or qualify for financial aid. Many college students are forced to rely on…show more content…
When an average college graduate graduates and starts working they don’t earn as much as they should. College graduates are forced to pay the loans they were granted and this affects them and the economy. The economy is affected in many ways many people cannot buy cars or houses because a large portion of their income goes straight to the student loans. As of today we have $1.2 trillion of student loan debt and those numbers will just keep increasing.Making college tuition free will cost an estimate of $30 billion a year and we are able to afford this so why not enforce it? Of course there is many other choices like scholarships, many people apply for them but not everyone is lucky enough to receive them and are still forced to pay the thousands of dollars for tuition. Another choice is enlisting and having your college paid for when you are finished serving the years you sign up for. They are risking their life’s and being away from their families and it is not
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