Essay On Free Speech In America

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Is free speech becoming more limited in America,yes it is, but is it fair to the people of the great United States of America?As John Stossel says “Our rights are gradually eroded as government gets bigger” and it's the government's choice to rid us of freedom of speech so no it is not but, does free speech hurt people? Should free speech be restrained? Is it ok to use if you don't just hurt people? We as Americans are losing our right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech can hurt people in many ways,physically, mentally, spiritually, it can hurt someone's pride, dignity, self confidence and it may cause someone to take the lives of themselves or maybe even others.Free speech…show more content…
Well I have a question, do you like dogs? I know off topic but think about a dog, every time it walks out the door by law it has to be on a leash just so it doesn't run away and be free, well now imagine you're that dog and the leash is restaining your will to speak how you want,when you want,doesn't sound good does it?Could you handle being treated like you are less than someone and not be able to speak your mind?That is how your life would be if the government restrained our speech. Is free speech okay to use if you're not just hurting people? Of course it is. Try using free speech for something other than slandering someone. Some lawyers use it in their court cases.This is ironic but how would you win a court case related to freedom of speech if your lawyer doesn't have the right of freedom of speech. If you censor one person or their belief then it will start a domino effect in which you have to censor this or that until there is no such thing as freedom of speech anymore. Yet something has to be done to stop all the hatred and misery towards one another. When we attack people verbally it draws us just a little farther away from our right. It will become the ink pen that marks out freedom of speech from our constitution.So we have to stop if we want to keep our right of freedom of speech. Want to keep your right to freedom of
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