Free Thought And Freedom Analysis

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What is Free thought? Definition of Free though and Freedom? Free thought is broader concept. It means the freedom of thinking or free thinking and a person who practices free thoughts is known as the free thinker. Free thought broadly means that our thoughts and our thinking should be purely based upon the reality, science and logic instead of being based upon the religious beliefs and values, customs, traditions or others which have no any resemblance or connection with reality in any sense or by any means. Free thought is opposite to the conservative thinking. Free thoughts let one to choose freely what is right, good, or even best for a person whereas conservative thinking binds a person in the limits and boundaries of the customs and…show more content…
Freedom is the basic right of every individual and freedom of thinking, which is known as free thought or freethinking is the basic component of freedom without which the definition and meaning of freedom is incomplete. Freedom allows a person fully to do every right, legal and justice actions in the society or world with prior conditions that the Freedom of others are not violated in any sense. Because Freedom means Freedom for all not for a single person. And the harm to the freedom of others may not happen which is itself the part of the definition of Freedom. Freedom also gives the right of selection of even a right religion for a person. It means that no one should be bounded by any boundaries in the world. People believe that God gave freedom to everyone in the world. People are born with the basic right of freedom. So it is also very important that nothing should threaten the freedom of any one in the world and there should be equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone in the world which is a way towards freedom and equality. Because this special gift is given to a man and or society from his creator (God) and not from an…show more content…
Example and evidence of this can be seen from the historical as well present day perspective of the world. In every era, there were some people who always ruled and tried to impose evil deeds and wrong actions in the society by themselves doing illegal acts and they did not only do it by themselves but also forced others to do the same deeds. But even in those such hard situations, being free thinkers they rejected the dominant authorities and followed right and true path. We can see examples of many personalities of the world who made their own ways of being free thinkers. We can quotes the examples of Martin Luther King Jr from the history. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using non-violent civil disobedience based on Christian belief. There are many other great personalities of the world who arose their voice against the violence, and wrong-deeds of the world. Examples include the names of Nelson Mandela; the person known for his great efforts against colonial and racist believes, through demonstrations and protests. The Example of Great Personalities of our country like Mohatarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto cannot also be ignored in this regard. They also sacrificed their lives in a cause. Which shows their level of free thinking? It means they thought and then they did or achieved the status in the society. Therefore, putting these all arguments together we can say that we all have

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