Essay On Free Will In A Clockwork Orange And The Matrix

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In A Clockwork Orange and The Matrix, various techniques and the plots are employed to examine freewill. Juxtaposition and the storyline are used to explore whether freewill is possible. To exhibit that free will is important, the authors utilise the plot and similes. To demonstrate the consequences of free will, Burgess and the Wachowski Brothers use dialogue, similes and onomatopoeia,

The Wachowski Brothers and Burgess both consider whether freewill is truly possible through the use of similes and plot. In A Clockwork Orange, Alex feels as though others around him are trying to take away his freedom and control him. Therefore, he proceeds to commit violent and immoral acts as to him, it is the only choice that others - especially the government - does not try to make him do. Burgess even
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Burgess illustrates the importance of free will by declaring that without choice, a man “ceases to be a man” (p. 63). This is exhibited through the use of similes and onomatopoeia as Alex describes the imprisoned criminals to be “like animals” going “marrrrre and baaaaaa” (p. 61) as if they are sheep following a shepherd without any control over themselves. This gives the reader a negative perception of the government and their controlling methods. Additionally, F. Alexander and his friends refer to Alex as a “device” (p. 120) to be “installed” (p. 123). Using language often regarded with machinery gives Alex an inhuman quality which therefore stops him from being a real man. Similarly, Mouse states that “to deny all impulses” or a human’s choice, is to “deny the very thing that makes [them] human”. Neo is also cited as a “machine”, giving him the same robotic effect that Alex has. As demonstrated through similes, onomatopoeia and plot, man does not “exist” (p. 120) without free will and
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