Essay On Free Will In Romeo And Juliet

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Do you think that sometimes we meet people for a reason , or do they just happen to be at the right place at the right time. The world may never know. At the end of the day I think that everything happens for a reason. Romeo had the free will to kill himself, but didn’t have the choice of him missing the mail or drinking the poison right before Juliet woke up. Everything happened the way it did for a reason that is why they died the way they did. I also have valid reasoning as to why this situation is fate and not free will. It was always Romeo faith to meet Juliet from the time he was born to the time he died. Romeo didn’t just happen to crash the party that juliet’s family was throwing. He also didn’t just happen to miss the mailman that had his letter in it with the plan. It was fate, fate knew that Romeo was gonna die that night with his beloved. Like almost most everything that happen with Romeo and Juliet was fate and was meant to happen whether if they wanted it to go down like that or not. Not everybody believe that Romeo and Juliet’s love wasn’t by an accident. Some think that they just choose to love each other and get married out of free will.…show more content…
Romeo was in a hurry to see if his wife had really died, but in reality he just killed her, because it was fate. Some people might say that he didn’t have to kill himself he choose to do it, but in his world he did because he felt like he couldn’t live without her and if she was dead so was he. Some might also say that Romeo didn’t have to kill Tybalt, but they’re wrong because tybalt killed one of Romeo’s best friends and Romeo wasn’t just going to let that happen. In coming to conclusion it wasn’t free will that lead to the death of married couple, it was
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