Essay On Freedom And Morality

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Freedom and morality are connected to each other. We have freedom to do things and to decide things for ourselves. But morality teaches us to choose from the right and the wrong behavior. Morality is concern about the values, conducts, and principles of a certain person while freedom is being able to make your own decisions and getting done. These two have a big relationship with each other because they must be given importance in our lives. What is the deeper relationship between freedom and morality? And what can be done to have them both? Morality falls under the concept of dictum which tells us, “to do good and to avoid evil.” It can be observed in our everyday living. We can see it even in the most simple act that a person is doing. For example, a student decides to study and take a review at night. Morality comes in because that student has a choice and she has chosen to do the good thing rather than doing other things. Morality and ethics both focuses on the human conduct. It deals with the standards of right doings and the wrong ones. But there is also a big difference between the two. Morality talks about the right and wrong doings while ethics are the moral principles. Meaning ethics is can be considered under morality. It is like a step where a person chooses from doing the right or wrong thing. When she already had a decision and she stands for it, ethics will come on its way. The moral…show more content…
We always have the freedom to do things but we often forget about choosing the right from the wrong doings. We become selfish that we only think of our own good and pleasure. In that case, freedom leads us to different paths in our lives. It can slowly destroy us and the plans we have for the future. So it only means that with freedom, we should have the responsibility. We should possess the responsibility to be morally aware of the things and the choices that we will pick up and make for
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