Essay On Freedom In America

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True freedom is without obstruction or restraint yet there are ways in which freedom leads to restraint. Many advances and opportunities gave rise during 1865 and 1910 in America along with it came a sense of freedom for the people who migrated or resigned there. People like Jurgis had the freedom to work, earned money, and own a home of their own, but in all reality they were not free but trapped by the very things that they had the freedom to obtain.

Industrialization was a big thing in The United States and everyone wanted to be part of it immigrants like Jurgis would leave their home lands and travel to the city where there was said to be an abundance of jobs and opportunities. There was employment for many; however, the chance of working in America was restricted when it came to the Chinese laborers in the Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) which stated “...
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People depended on income for

many reasons and just as they were trapped with their jobs they are also trapped with

the need to earn money it was one of the reasons they left their homelands and traveled

to America to earn lots of money and become rich.

The city was not a pleasant place to resign there was not many options as to where you could live. Many immigrants were traveling to the city for employment this lead to “overcrowding, pollution, and poor housing” (lecture 9/8/15). There was so many people trying to live in the same location so there was houses filled with lots of people the freedom to live alone was a possibility that you could obtain if you could afford it. One could purchase a house of their own, but with it came the trap that was the fear of losing the home and dealing it’s overwhelming debt. There was no escape from the debt of purchasing a home unless you managed to pay the house off which was not common but
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