Essay On Freedom Of Speech And Religion

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Freedom of Speech and Religion Why is Freedom of Speech and Religion so important in order to speak freely and practice any religion beliefs? There has always been a controversy with the First Amendment and how are we protected, as well as what it protects.The Freedom of Speech is the right for us to express any opinions without restrainment. Freedom of Religion is the right to practice any religion we choose. It is a right for many in America and around the world to know. In 1791, the US Constitution’s First Amendment was adopted and made sure Congress couldn’t pass any laws against religion. So this means anyone has the right to practice any religion as well as change to another religion without any problems. We as people should know…show more content…
People have the right to free speech. Freedom of Speech is very important to spread information around the world. Many use the ability of this First Amendment for political and religious force. Before Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion many had trouble to express themselves not just here in the United States, but all over the world. Many were persecuted for even saying something that does not correspond to their beliefs. As well as, they were also killed because the ruler of that country didn’t like that type of religion or want total control of their citizens.” Freedom of religion is severely restricted in Muslim countries”(New world Encyclopedia, 2017). Freedom of Religion is decreases, which means that there are countries that oppose Freedom of Religion. “ China and Vietnam, although they don’t govern the economy they still oppose religion”( Reese, 2015). “ Freedom of Religion is a human right that needs greater respect around the world” ( Reese, 2015). It is not only Freedom of Religion, but as well as Freedom of speech. Many journalist were killed or not allowed in for certain situations or people to even speak of a something important. “ An American journalist was beheaded in Syria” (Mae and Smith, 2014). Many people are afraid to speak their minds about their own countries because they can be killed. Many people want for there countries to have freedom of speech and religion in order for them to make their decisions and not have someone else govern
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