Essay On Freedom Of Speech In Malaysia

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Malaysian has the right to freedom of speech which is guaranteed by Article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia. The Article 10 allows all citizens the absolute freedom as not restricted by the government. In Malaysia, Law such as Publications act and printing presses give the Malaysian authorities the control over all the media. Any act that against this law may lead to fines or in much extreme cases, prison sentence. Although Malaysia has the right to freedom of speech, the media are still being controlled by the government which restrict them to publish anything against the government. Every government do restrict the freedom of speech to certain extend such as speech related to slander, pornography, copyright violation, sedition, libel, classified information are limited in Malaysia, But there are some cases in Malaysia, where government does…show more content…
One voice does not make any difference, regardless how much effort is taken by that person unless he or she collaborates with few others who shares the mutual thought. The true freedom of speech lies at the social network. Malaysians are able to post or start a topic in a social network, gathering followers who agree to the opinion and thoughts. The opinion is however not usually brought to the government directly, most awaits a government represented to notice the matter and brought to the government for further act. There have been few groups who used the freedom of speech to react certain things against the government but they were denied by the government and also were prioritised. As for broadcasting, there are a few select that owns the broadcast media in Malaysia but still severely restricted by the government. The only reason for the legislation of broadcasting still exists is show that the media is free of monopoly or
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