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On those busy work days, many people prefer to make their food well in advance. Often you might take those beans in bulk to prepare them, and the question remains, “Can you freeze baked beans?” Sometimes, you come across a sale on baked beans at your local food store. Do you jump on the wagon and grab a few cans, or will they go bad after a couple of weeks in the freezer? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Maybe you might be having leftover canned or homemade baked beans for an afternoon barbecue. Do you dispose or save for a later date?
Well, no one likes food waste, especially when it involves good food. I support conservation and sane living at home. For that reason, I will take you through a
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To freeze them properly, I recommend that you place them in nice tough freezer containers.

Labelling never lies
As always, make sure you label your containers with the freezing dates. You won’t get confused and end up having bad food or forgetting about other containers.

Here’s a video by Front Porch Living detailing on how to freeze cooked beans.
Things to observe
Freeze cooked beans only
It is paramount that you only choose cooked beans for freezing. Doing so will ensure that the cooked form of the beans retains its composition. However, if you choose to freeze your uncooked beans, they will thaw back to a crumbly state. Cooking them will be unsatisfactory, and the look and taste will degrade.
Label! Label! Label!
It is of great importance to label the storage containers you’ve placed in the fridge. This will help you track them and make sure they don’t get spoiled.
Salting to improve shelf-life
Salt is a natural food preservative. You can season baked beans with two or three pinches of salt. The result will be a couple of days more to the shelf-life.
Thaw and serve again!
For homemade baked beans these are the preparation steps for thawing:
Freezer to

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