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The chosen language for this paper is French. 1. Information on the language family it belongs to Language families are groups of languages that are related to each other because they come from a common older language. French comes from the Indo-European languages family and is a part of the Romance family along with Italian and Spanish which was spoken a long time ago. 2. Geographic location of the speakers, number of speakers, dialects, etc. French is the first spoken language is various countries such as France, Switzerland, Monaco. It’s also used is parts of Belgium(Brussels), and Canada (Quebec) according to .. French speakers are distributed among all five continents which are Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Oceania and Australasia.…show more content…
The term also refers to the orthographic convention by which the deletion of a vowel is reflected in writing, and indicated with an apostrophe. It is common in French and in some cases is indicated with an apostrophe. Elision of vowel and consonant sounds was also an important phenomenon in the phonetic evolution of French. For example, s following a vowel and preceding another consonant regularly elided, with compensatory lengthening of the vowel. • Latin hospitāle → Old French (h)ostel → Modern French hôtel • Latin spatha → Old French espee → Modern French épée • Latin schola → Old French escole → Modern French école There’s a lot of differences between English and French. Firstly, English speakers who are trying to learn French will have difficulties with and mid-front rounded vowels of French which are tu[ty] and peu[p] because those vowels don’t exist in English. e.g. French has [K],

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