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A freshwater scientist assists in solving the issues in freshwater ecosystems. They analyze environmental factors and genetic issues and also analyze recorded data such as migration patterns and toxin levels. Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa is a Limnologist. The field of the study is called limnology, which is the study of freshwater and ecosystem. His research focuses on the Ecology and systematics of freshwater zooplankton and limnology, including studies on invasive copepods, long-term limnological research, palaeolimnology, freshwater biodiversity and aquaculture impacts.

Freshwater ecosystems are a subset of Earth's aquatic ecosystems. It is a unique and important component of global biodiversity, playing a fundamental role in support of the environment, society and the economy. Ecosystems like wetlands, rivers, aquifers, and lakes are indispensable for life on our planet and are vital for directly ensuring a range of benefits and services such as drinking water, water for food and energy, habitats for aquatic life forms, and natural solutions for water purification and climate resilience, among many others.

Freshwater ecosystems comprise of 0.8% of the earth’s surface but contain 6% of all known species. Managed well freshwater ecosystems also directly
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Although these conditions are increasingly under threat. In addition to the growing demand that freshwater supplies face for purposes like agriculture, energy, and human settlements, the effects of climate change are exacerbating changes to the hydrological cycle. Climatic changes lead to permanent shifts in freshwater conditions, depleting biodiversity and impacting the proper functioning of freshwater ecosystems, as well as manifesting themselves in more frequent and severe extreme events such as drought and

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