Essay On Friar Lawrence In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Have you ever just wanted to run away or even scream to the top of your lungs?That’s how Juliet felt when everyone was sculpting her life which drove her to want to die, but if I had to blame this on one person it would definitely be Friar Lawrence(William Shakespeare, page 376). Friar never had to give in to marrying Romeo and Juliet,or give the potion and crazy idea to fake Juliet 's death(William Shakespeare, page 453-454).If Juliet didn’t want to marry Paris, then she should have put on her big girl pants and told her parents that she was already married to Romeo and in love.If they were so in love the idea of death for them being together shouldn’t scare them, they both die anyways.If the Friar thought the idea of them being together was worse then he didn’t have to marry them. See in this world we live in you don’t have to do what other people want you to do. Friar deciding not to marry them wouldn’t put him in a death sentence if anything, it would have helped everyone not die.People in Shakespeare 's world are just foolish. Friar Lawrence could have easily went and took the letter to Romeo himself, but instead he had to be lazy and have someone else do it and look it never got done(William Shakespeare, page…show more content…
People die, in fact, everyone sooner or later has to die. Don’t kill yourself for love, though. Juliet was 13 years old, do people even know what love is at the age of 13?She went by what people told her love was. She never got to go out and go on dates and experiment and see what “love” was all about,she just kissed Romeo and decided he was the one. I 've got one word to describe that, stupid.Just thinking about someone falling in love and killing themselves at the age of 13 is just stupid to me. The Friar wasn’t strict enough to say no and the Capulets were too strict to let Juliet live her life with Romeo.If there is one thing I have learned from this story, it’s that you always want to meet your other half 's family. Especially once you
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