Difference Between Virtue And Friendship Essay

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Leonardi Shish Philosophy 202 4/24/16 On friendship and virtue In today’s world where individualism is very predominant, people rarely take into account the philosophical view of friendship. Not to say that we are totally selfish and self-centered but we take friends as the help in our journey through life rather than people with whom we can share our goals and values and rejoice in our achievements. In today’s world we are who set goals and choose our path in life depending on the values we possess. Friendship is seen as a way of enjoyment and utility rather that something that can help us grow in virtue and become better persons. However there are some exceptions since some do care about friendship and think about it on a more philosophical way. How friendship builds us up only reaches a certain line since once that line is crossed we feel as though we are no longer in control. And who likes to feel as though he’s not in control? No one right! Aristotle in book 8 of the Nicomachean Ethics states that from friendship flows virtue since it is a virtue and implies virtue in itself. He goes on to say that no man would choose to live without friends. Happiness is more likely to exist in community than in solitude. Every man’s aim is to be happy in life. Since…show more content…
Friendship is a virtue in itself. Friendship does imply virtue. Virtue does imply friendship since for Aristotle only virtuous people can be friends. This is due to them sharing common interests. Friends are well disposed toward one another. A happy man needs friends. He needs to be of service to acquire happiness. He cannot be of service in solitude. By nature man is disposed to live in communion with others. Happiness itself is acquired through the exercise of virtue. Friendships based on utility and pleasure dissolve and vanish easily. Friendship based on goodness is rare, takes time to develop and last forever. Friendship ties the community
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