Essay On Friendship In Gary Jackson's 'Missing You, Metropolis'

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The poem “Fade” bring to the light the pain of Jackson after Stuart’s death. Unconsciously Jackson can’t let go his friend. He stared to have dreams about Stuart. He really miss Stuart. As Jackson describe Stuart in his dreams, he says, “Wanted to say good-bye” (11s. 75-76). Implying that Stuart wants to say good bye to him but, what he really is saying is that he would like to have a chance to say farewell to his friend. He never had a change to do it. Trust and love define friendship. The book of poems ‘Missing you, Metropolis’ by Gary Jackson expose truths about life with poems in a united way. Whereas he used superheroes from comic books to get his point across. Showing the reader uncomfortable realities…show more content…
Their bond grew stronger with the time. As Jackson continues describing his relationship with Stuart. Jackson states, “We were Batman and Robin “(18-19s. 7). Showing their closeness. They were partners in crime. Their friendship is represented with the superheroes. Robin is always there to support Batman in life or death situation. Batman holds down a Robin when he is folding down. Batman and Robin treats each other like brothers. It’s a symbolic way to represent their relation as inseparable and supported one another. Beside grew up together they also shared love and respect for each other; definably sharing the passion for the comic books. As Jackson stays elaborating on his portrait of Stuart. He keeps bombarding with hints of how significant the relationship with Stuart is for him. Jackson writes,” how we enter this world, not alone, but with someone” (22-23s. 7). Implying he never feel alone. Stuart is always there, might not be physically, but yes, symbolically. It’s a touching and clever method to exposes his love for Stuart. The quotes strongly supporting the long term theme of the book. The valued of having a close friend in any situation that life might throw at you. For example, Jackson and Stuart had issues to get girls attention. Therefore, costing them to be caught between the panels of society. They have each other to comfort and advise
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