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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background of the Study The field of robotics has been continuously growing exceptionally throughout the years. It has been of great help not only in the scientific field but also to other areas such as the agricultural field. An example of these inventions is a type of smart robot that exists to perform agricultural task and one of its main purpose is to be able to identify fruits and pick it. A fruit picker is a fruit-picking robot that enables to pick fruits itself without man intervention. It is designed as a robotic arm that is able to extend its arm to reach the target fruit, with gripper that enables to pick and hold fruits. One of the challenges for fruit picking robot is the fruit sensing and detection around the agricultural environment. Past researchers have added more to this smart robot, which is system recognition for fruits. The recognition system that is implemented is a type of image processing. Image processing is the process of analyzing…show more content…
Description of the Project The fruit picker robot consists of a robot arm mounted on a moving platform. The robot has a stereo vision that can pinpoint the exact location of the tree which would then trigger the robot to move towards it. When the robot is close enough to the tree, it would scan for fruits that would be harvested. The aim of the robot is to harvest all of the fruits on the tree. An arduino will serve as the brain of the robot. It would be programmed using C programming. This would be responsible in controlling the robot of most of its features such as movement from one place to another, and the actions of the robot arm. The robot will use a stereo vision system which will serve as the eye of the robot. In this, image processing is needed to determine the fruit which is necessary in taking its exact location. After processing the image, the robot will now know what movement it needs to do to be able to get closer to the tree, and to be able to pick the fruit from the

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