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Fruit quality assessment is important and it is influence in many factors. Most of the approach to assess the quality of fruit are destructive and based on human expertise. Impedance measurement was used to investigate the impedance changes between ripe, unripe and overripe of the fruit. Then it will correlate the impedance changes with increasing of soluble solid content (SSC) which it is the indicating sugar content in the fruit as the fruit ripens. The impedance was carried out by using new development of circuit board and programming with using electrocardiogram (ECG) as the sensor probe. The SSC measured for internal tissue sample and used as quality parameter to correlate with the impedance measurement. SSC measured by using pocket refractometer. This technique need tissue sample from fruit and it was a destructive test. SSC
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The most quality parameter included mass, size, shape and colour. With regard to fruit, several approaches for mass estimation have been developed, example for apples (Tabatabaeefar and Rajabipour, 2005), pomegranate (Khoshnam et al., 2007) apricorts (Naderi-Boldaji et al., 2008) and citrus (Omid et al., 2010). Meet consumer demand, need for quick and accurate methods for quality assessment of fresh fruit increasing constantly. Study shown comparison of three different models for mass estimation of mango fruit (Nam Dokmai) calculated by simple linear regression (SLR), multiple linear regressions (MLR) and artificial neural network (ANN). Dimension of length, maximum width and maximum thickness were manually measured and included parameter for model building. In general, linear models were recommended for predicting mass based on the estimated volume and nonlinear models were recommended for estimating fruit mass and size based on minor diameters and projected

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