Essay On Basic Emotions

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Before we discuss the function and the importance of the emotion for human beings, we should talk about our basic emotion. We have six basic emotion built in our brain, it includes fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, and happiness. Other more complicated emotions such as love, hate, satisfaction are based on simpler emotions. Both basic and complicated emotions provide functions for human.
Let us talk about the functions of basic emotions. Fear can help us get out of danger. The amygdala inside our brain stem helps us control fear and the power of fear. When a person is fear, the brain activates sympathetic system and the person is ready for fight and flight. Heart rate increases, breathe more and focus on what will happen next. Besides, it is very important for fear to notice us. If the situations are too dangerous that the person is not going to deal with it, fear can give a signal to the person better run and escape. It is not hard to imagine when we do not have fear, we are not afraiding
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The first one is to protect ourselves. Such as fear and disgust, we are stopped by these two basic emotions because they notice us we are facing danger and we activate the sympathetic system. We can choose to fight or escape from the danger under the help of fear and disgust. The second main function is experience happy memories and does not experience sad memories again in the future. Once, if it is good for us, we are most likely to experience again and again. But, if it is bad for us, we are most likely to avoid them and hope that never experience them again. The third main function of emotions is to socialize. Emotions are not just only giving internal notification, but also sending out messages to others what we are feeling. For instance, please do not laugh at us when we feel sad, please do not be sad when we feel happy. It is utterly important that we can use suitable emotions to express
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