Essay On Functions Of Religion In Society

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The influence of religion to the lives of the members of the society
Religion is a social institution in which its beliefs and practices are considered sacred. It plays a very vital role in every society. It is the first sense of society. Most people tend to depend on it when making decisions. Religion according to Durkheim has three major functions in a society. The first major function of religion is that it creates a united society. It unites people through their shared values, beliefs and practices. The second function is it promotes conformity. It creates a society with many cultural norms. The third and last function of religion to the society is it offers the people a comforting self. They find strength and comfort through their religious beliefs. These functions simply show how influential religion is. Religion is not only important in uniting people. It is also important when it comes to making significant changes. Industrial Revolution in Western Europe sparked because of the religious doctrine
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The church, sect and cult. Ernst Troeltsch defined a church as a type of societal organization that is well assimilated into the larger society. It has well recognized rules and regulations and their leaders are well trained and ordained. Church is more established compared to the other religious organizations. There are two kinds of church. The state church and the denomination. A state church is a church formally linked to the state. Denomination on the other hand is a church independent of the state. It accepts religious pluralism. Sect on the other hand is more of an informal religious organization. It stands apart from the larger society. It is less stable compared to the church. Leaders of the sect don’t have formal training. Charisma and divine inspiration are more important to them. The third and last religious organization is the cult. It is a religious organization that is outside the society’s

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