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Every new smartphone has a trick. Whether it's wireless charging, fingerprint scanning or even eye tracking, there's always the incredible feature that "you can not live without." But let's be honest: many of those functions with which you can really live.

On the other hand, some of the futuristic technology available in next generation smartphones is really useful. But what functions do you need in your tool kit and what is the icing on the cake? This final list classifies 10 useful functions that a smartphone should have.

1. Long lasting battery

Your smartphone can have a retractable beam or turn lead into gold, and without juice it will still be useless. There are ways to increase the battery life of the device, but at the end of the
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A great camera is important for something more than just great photos. You can use your camera for other amazing things, such as visual search.

Nokia Lumia 1020 includes an elite ZEISS lens, image stabilization and a full 41 megapixels. This is definitely the best camera, because the camera is larger than the phone.

Even the iPhone 5 and HTC One are very respectable hands. Its image sensors have large pixels that offer you a better range of colors and excellent images in low light conditions.

5. NFC

Near Field Communications allows your smartphone to transfer data to other phones and tablets nearby. It's really useful for sharing images and music. You can even use it for payment in shops and restaurants. Many of the best Android and Windows phones offer NFC, but not Apple.

6. Multiple windows

You will never be happy just to see the window on your computer, why should it be on your phone? Phones Samsung Galaxy, as well as models LG G2, Optimus and Enact are great for simultaneously viewing several applications. Other Android and iPhone phones are limited to displaying only one application at a time.

7. Lots of storage

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