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If I had to design a future neighborhood. I would have mansions in my neighborhood.In my mansion I would have an indoor car garage and inside that indoor car garage I would have cars already there. Sport cars is the only cars that’s going to be in there.I wouldn’t want any beat up cars in there either. I’m also going to have 3 or 4 outdoor garages to and in each mansion i’m going to have 2 or 3 cars in the garages outside. There will already be supplies there for each season like an electrical sit on grass cutter and a rake and shovel for the snow an oh wait there will be a net there for the pools and etc… that’s going to be in my mansions in my neighborhood. In my mansion there will be a pool in there with a a climber and the pool is going…show more content…
There would be 13 bedrooms in the mansions , there would be 20 bathrooms there would be 7 floors. ok so on the bottom floor there will be two bathrooms and oh wait there will also be a hot tube down there , pool table and a bar it is basically for the men but if the woman want to go get in the hot tube they can. There will be no kids aloud on the bottom floor . The very top floor there will be about four rooms at the top and yeah but the mansion will have a lot of creations. In the neighborhood there would be stores like 7-eleven food lion and walmart there will also be places where you can shop there will also be gas stations my whole neighborhood will be fun and there will be something like kings dominion in my neighborhood my neighborhood is going to be very fun and i’m also going to have rent little small mansions in my neighborhood in those houses there will be 5 to 7 roms bout 10 bathrooms and there will be a playroom and outside there will also be a pool just because those won’t be as big as the mansions the other houses will still be a lot of
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