Personal Narrative: My Plans For My Future Career

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My plans for my future career always changes. A few weeks ago I wanted to be a veterinarian and now I want to be a web/system programmer, astronomer, model, or a DJ. Honestly, I don’t care what job I get as long as I enjoy it and will make me able to help my family. They’ve done so much for me, I would love to return the favor and give them a better life. Growing up, lots of things fascinated me. One of them being my love for animals. I guess this trait came from my mom because she absolutely loves animals more specifically dogs. She helps the dogs around my street that are neglected or abandoned. I really look up to her because even if it's not her dog, she will give it food and proper care. She inspired me to become a veterinarian,I have many reasons why I want to be a veterinary. As a vet, I can help all these helpless…show more content…
Another option is being an astronomer and if I’m lucky enough, work in NASA. Stars, planets, moons, comets, and galaxies really interests me. I love looking at the night sky and wonder all about those stars I see and marvel at the beauty of it. I used to love watching History Channel or Discovery Planet and I still read those books about planets. I want to be the one to discover new things in our universe. By studying the cosmos beyond Earth we can learn so much more about the universe. I get really excited if there are news about a discovery of a new planet because each one is so interesting to learn about. The universe is infinite and it’s expanding. I don’t think anyone really inspired me to wanting to become an astronomer, it was probably because I really like learning about stars, planets, etc. Also, another thing is I'm obsessed with extraterrestrial life and if I work for NASA I can probably get information that they’re hiding, only if they are hiding information. In the future, I’d love to work on finding life on Mars and study galaxies, stars,

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