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It was once every man’s dream, to see the future of how technology can transform our lives for the better. The era of technology started its way through the 21st century and up to our present state and it changes our lives vividly through all this years. Technology has helped us in many ways and enhanced our way of lifestyle. It has also made its way through our army forces and changed us into a 3G army that Singapore is proud of. I believe most of us had watched the movie call the “Terminator” which depicts about the future where robots are created and used for the warfare. It would be an arguable debate if technology rises to the state where it takes over humans for war and would it be a disadvantage or an advantage for the future? Let’s discuss it in the next paragraph.
Talking about the future warfare, we are constantly improving and creating new robots and drones to take over some of the dangerous tasks that our soldiers faced during wartime. A good example would be that the robot could be designed and built to remove landmines instead of using the traditional way of using metal detector to detect the mines and then remove them. That would be a much better option as we would
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The good points in which robots are better than humans are that they do not need sleep unlike humans and robots actions are very accurate and it has high precision level and consistent at it. Humans do make mistakes but robots does not. Robots will follow your orders exactly what you want it to be but for us humans our decisions are usually dependent on our current situation and circumstances. But being able to think through and having considerations before making the correct decisions are what that make humans special in a sense. Robots has no feelings and only follow blindly to the orders issued which sometimes may not be a good thing as if something goes wrong, they cannot

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