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The Ganga is one of an important river of India. It is the lifeline of millions of Indians who directly or indirectly dependent on this river for livelihood. The source of this river is the Gangotri glaciers at an elevation of 3,892 m 12,769 feet in the Himalayas lying in the newly formed state of Uttarakhand which is known as the land of gods. Ganga is the largest river of India from source to the Bay of Bengal it flows 2525kms and second greatest river in terms of water discharge in the world (Basent Rai 2013). The Ganga is the national river of our country and has a lot of religious importance; it is one of the sacred rivers and is worshipped by the Hindus. The Pilgrims comes from every corner of India in order to bath in…show more content…
The Ganga basin is among the dense populated areas of the world with average density 520 (Priyam Das & Kenneth et al 2012).The Ganga’s water has ayurvedic properties it is because large number of Tributaries joining the Ganaga from the Himalayas range which are rich in Micro-organisms and mountain minerals as mountains are home of diversity of food and medicines (S.Garg & Dewan at all). Despite its extraordinary economic and religious importance it is most polluted river in India and has fifth rank among polluted rivers in the world. The urbanisation and growing population pressure along the banks of Ganga, have played a vital role in increasing levels of pollution in this holy river. In contemporary times the increasing demand of agricultural production exert a tremendous pressure on the water of Ganga as lot of water are diverted into the upper and lower canals to support the agricultural activities by these activities the flow of this river are reducing which results water quality have deteriorated and pollutants became in concentrated impairing the ecological communities and exceeding bathing standards (Das & Kenneth et

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