Essay On Gangs In Victorian England

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“The Gangs of Victorian London”
How are the gangs of 19th century England similar to the gangs of today? Gangs during the 19th century were vicious and they did a whole lot of terrible things like murder and kidnapping and any other crime someone could think of. The gangs of Victorian England are very comparable to today’s gangs due to the crimes they commit and the hierarchy in the gangs, some gangs of England include the 40 Elephants, the Peaky Blinders, the High Rip gang and the Scuttlers.
The Forty Elephants were different than other gangs and were great at making raid plans and had a queen who ultimately led to their demise. The Forty Elephants were an all-female gang who primarily shoplifted. They worked alongside, an all-male gang, the Elephant and Castle gang, who ran the London gangland. The Elephants, in the 20th century, used fast cars to
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Liverpool was home many criminal gangs including the High Rip gang who became notable after the 1884 Blackstone Street murder where a Spanish sailor was beaten and stabbed until he died and they commonly hung around docks where they killed lone dockworkers, people in the Portland Street area were so afraid that most members were executed (Cox 3). They became known by beating people to death and killing so many people that most of them got executed. The way they became known is brutal because people found out about them because of the ways they killed people. The gang was also known for brutal violence, street robberies, and strategic revenge plans. They also got into a fight with their arch enemies, the Longwood gang, who were feared due to their haphazard tendencies to commit felonies activities (Cox 3). They became known for all the crimes they committed which were barbaric. They also became known by the battle they got into with their nemeses. Overall, the High Rip gang was unorganized and savage which is the polar opposite of the Peaky

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