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Short Insight to Garment Fitting When you create garments, one of the most important aspects that you should take care of is the fit. It is known that the success of a garment depends a lot on its fit. But what is a well-fitted garment? Well, it is that garment with the optimum amount of ease, so it is neither too tight nor too loose. Besides, the seam lines need to follow the general silhouette of the body. When one takes on the garment, it hangs or sets in a well-balanced manner, and it doesn’t have any sagging, wrinkles or poking out. So let’s see how to make sure your garment is well-fitted. Just read below and you’ll find out some of the basic things that you need to pay attention to when creating garments. Standards to follow for a good…show more content…
Fitting techniques Now let’s see some fitting techniques that will help you create well-fitted garments. For example, if you need to do the fittings for a blouse, and the fittings are done wearing the blouse right side out, then you need to mark all the changes on the right side. For the markings, you will use chalk, pencil or pins. You will only transfer the markings to the wrong side after taking off the blouse, so you can make the necessary adjustments or alterations. Usually, fitting is done on the right-hand part of the garment. You will then transfer all the changes marked to the left-hand side, so you will do identical alterations on both sides. However, if any imperfections appear, you will only take care of them during the second fitting. If you need to shorten or lengthen a seam or dart, mark the termination point, using a pin. If you need to adjust a seam at one end in order to create a tightening effect, take the extra amount and pin on the right side. In case you need to loosen a seam at one end, rip the seam at that part and then pin as a lapped seam or a plain seam, using pins applied on the right

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