The Importance Of Gas Exchange In Mammals

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For their respiration, considering rats are mammals, they have a gas exchange system which assist and allows them to breathe oxygen and for it to function. It's mainly about exchanging gases with the environment. Its job is to bring oxygen into the body and get rid of the carbon dioxide, which is a waste gas from its body. They have lungs (which is the main organ for respiratory system) where gas exchange occurs. Since the lungs are deep inside the body, it is moist making it harder for moisture to evaporate. Firstly, when they inhale through the nose and mouth, it travels down a pipe known as the larynx which then splits off from the esophagus and turns into the trachea which then branches to form a tube-like that goes for each lungs called…show more content…
Just like any mammals, oxygens are absorbed by the blood in order for it to be delivered to every cells in the body. Every cell will have the capillaries to deliver oxygen and so won’t have any limitations for the mammals size by their gas exchange system. Having a large surface area of the gas exchange surface is also another factor for the advantages in which this case is the alveoli which increases the surface area of the lungs making diffusion of oxygen go at once therefore increasing the efficiency of gas exchange which is important for mammals to collect more and more oxygen to their cells to respire. One of their limitation is of tidal ventilation where air goes in and out the same direction in the mouth/nose. This isn’t very efficient as they are still oxygen remaining from the air being exhaled as not all air inhaled goes in the gas exchange surface and also not all oxygen is absorbed by the blood decreasing the efficiency of ventilating the lungs. Another limitation would be that they only have limited time to hold their breath underwater so has to come up a higher ground where there’s atmospheric oxygen in order to breathe as they all mostly just live on land as they can only breathe
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