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The society slowly accept lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. Homosexual parents are much better in raising children than heterosexual parents (Pappas, 2012). Children with lesbian parents perform better in school rather than other children (Gartell, 2012).
Bullying is one of the negative effects on children with homosexual parents. Here in the Philippines, LGBT parenting is dishonorable because of the conservative sectors, especially the Catholic church. They also believe that heterosexual are the one who is capable of taking care of their children and having a family.
There were many people who are against in LGBT parenting, but in reality homosexual may be the best parents. Gays are better parents than the straight parents and homosexual can be a good example in raising a child and a role model to the heterosexual parents. Homosexual parents are more committed in taking care of a children because they can’t produce but they want to have a child. Heterosexual parents some of them had an accidental
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The lack of social knowledge may also retard the development of community social capital. Community social capital refers to the linkages to the larger world that parents provide for their children such as being advocates for their children in school or other settings, plugging children in the kinds of social or work-related networks that benefit children, or teaching children how to negotiate the adult world (Pleck, 2007).The advantage of LGBT parenting in gay adoption. There were many children in the orphanage waiting to be adopted by someone. It will be beneficial to our country and society because the government would not need to allocate a lot of money in child welfare and instead they will allocate it to the highways, educational system, or in the reliefs. Also so that the children can have a greater chance to be sent in a nice

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