Essay On Gender And Gender Equality

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Gender and Gender Equality:
1. Gender “’Gender refers to the personal sexual identity of an individual, regardless of the person 's biological and outward sex”’ (Cherry, 2014)
2. Sexism: “Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex” (Dictionaries, 2014)
3. Gender stereotyping: “Gender Stereotypes are fixed ideas about men’s and women’s traits and capabilities and how people should behave, based on their gender.” (Psychology Glossary, 2014)
4. Gender Equality: “refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men and girls and boys. Gender equality implies that the interests, needs and priorities of both women and men are taken into consideration, recognizing the diversity of different groups of women and men.” (Interplast, 2013)
5. Gender-based violence: “violence that is directed against a person on the basis of gender. It constitutes a breach of the fundamen1tal right to life, liberty, security, and dignity, equality between women and men, non-discrimination and physical and mental integrity.” (European Institute For Gender equality, 2014)
2) Situations where I have experienced typical gender stereotyping were when the men in the family blatantly said that men should not cook, or work in the
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Generally, all over the world women have less recognition and acknowledgement of their talents compared to men. Yes the nature of the sport is very different in terms of strength and speed and time as women are completely different to men. However they are still rarely given attention. For an example, in The Wimbledon tennis competition, regardless of the same amount of people spectating at the events for both women and men, mens’ winning earnings were higher than the women’s. From 2007 the earnings became equal.´ In 2006, Roger Federer, the Wimbledon men 's singles champion, earned 655,000 pounds while his female counterpart, Amelie Mauresmo, was paid 625,000 pounds.’ (dna,

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