Essay On Gender And Media

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Gender and Media
In today’s world, the media consists of so many representations and ideas about men and women that though it can be argued that there is no straight-forward effect, it has been accepted that it does in some way affect our sense of identity. The number of hours of television that a person is exposed to in his lifetime does support the argument that a human inadvertently at times uses television as a reference point. For example, fictional romances in television or in the movie shows how one should behaves in a romantic or in a friendly relationship while magazines for women and men churn out advices on all aspects of one’s life from how to manage your finances, how to discipline your kids, how to groom oneself and what the latest fashions are.
To understand gender and the media, one needs to understand how feminism, masculinity and gender relations are being constructed in a world filled with rapid changes. From changes in gender relations, introduction of newer media technologies and the variety of control now available today, a multitude of factors influence how gender representations are made by the media.
Construction of Gender
There are a number of contradictions in how ‘gender’ is constructed by the media today. Stories of rape fill the evening news
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This analysis ranges from how ownership patterns, audience engagement with content, how content is created and how the political economy of media industries influence the final product.Feminist media activism has taken up many forms. They have called for positive representations of women, demonstrated against offensive content, aired their objections to beauty pageants, called for more involvement of women in the production of content and approached regulatory bodies challenging existing portrayals of
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