Essay On Gender Changes In Arab Society

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Arab societies are experiencing major changes as new patterns of marriage and family formation emerge across the region. The majority of the Arab communities believe that marriage is the essential of interest because they are a lawful and acceptable way for man and woman to live together, have relations and kids in a legal and religious way which is accepted by their society. Gender differences in the Arab societies tend to remain strong, and the social structure is mostly male dominant. In many Arab societies, women's social position is strongly dependent on being married and raising their children. The role of women in the society has always been reduced with the help of numerous factors and historically as a value of the idea that men are physically stronger and therefore can perform more work. As a result the men have always been valued more than women and correspondingly gained more rights, possibilities, opportunities, and freedom. And women are always doubted in their ability to make a correct…show more content…
The wide age gap between younger married girls and their spouses create unequal power relations between the young bride and her older and more experienced husband. These young girls are being forced to care for their families while they are still children themselves. They have to do so many things they are not physiologically and emotionally prepared for. They have no decision making abilities or restricted mobility and limited economic resource. In many Arab countries the problem of early marriage still exists. It’s important to understand that early marriage has serious problems that can lead to social failure and destruction of the main family role in society, it can also lead to unsuccessful marriage and divorce could happen as a result of lack of maturity, family formation, incomplete independence, and dealing with
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