Essay On Gender Discrimination

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The emotional,sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says –it’s a girl.
In our society we are considered as a blend of many culture,language,traditions,customs,rights
Rituals and many more.We consider different colours as simply colours ,different languages and religions as simply a language and religions,although each of them have their own variations and diversities they are seen as a single entity,but when it comes to gender we have came across criticism in this matter.Gender discrimination is a serious issue as it affects the overall growth of a nation.
Gender Discrimination refers to any situation where an individual is not given any opportunity or treated unequally in an injustice manner on the basis of their sex or gender.
Sources of Gender discrimination has long roots spreaded deeply since ages.Factors influencing gender discrimination are as follows:-
Religion:-From the
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Media:-Commercials where woman are used as an objects to increase selling of their products,Media creates negative impact on society by considering woman as a subject to promote their brands and products.
Media is considered as a biggest part to create this mindset of gender discrimination.Media is a double edged sword they can create positive as well as negative impact on the society thus media should use their powers such that it does not spread negative impact on the public.
Awareness should be created by media for not promoting gender discrimination by showing such movies where both the genders are treated equally,documentaries promoting gender equity should be made and showed.Malicious movies and item songs should not be given permission to show by sensor boards as they create a very negative impact to the society.Such kind of item songs and movies makes mentality that woman is only a show and glam object for the
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