Essay On Gender Discrimination In Pakistan

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Executive Summary: The gender discrimination is an important issue in Punjab, Pakistan. Women are not treated well in work places. To reduce the gender discrimination government has to enforce the proper implementation of harassment act, to introduce proper electronic records keeping system of employers. It is advisable to recommend the government to strictly focus on improvement education of men and women in rural areas of Punjab. Background: In Pakistan there is small ratio of working women. Over the past few decades the government of Pakistan design series of policies to solve the issue of unemployment. If we thoroughly analyze these policies we will come to know that most of the polices are not completely free from gender discrimination. These policies flaws give rise to the problem of gender discrimination in labor force in Punjab. Most of the policies are made for the stability in the provinces and country and economic growth and promote export; the exports industries demand skilled or highly skilled employment. By having so many socio-cultural limitation and lack of training, a majority of the female employers are not familiar with the new technologies. This fact creates unfriendly…show more content…
According to survey only 45% literacy rate of women is present in Pakistan mostly include urban areas. When we collect data of women with higher education the % is quite less than a boy that’s why in labor force no of girls’ degree holder is less as compare to boys. • Environment is the second problem faced by the women labor force. Most of girls are not allowed to get of their houses and do work for themselves and family as well. Its because of the our male dominant society. They don’t feel it safe for their women to work with men in offices. If women start exceling in their jobs the male colleague don’t bear it and take it as an ego issue, which create uncomfortable environment for
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