Essay On Gender Disparity In America

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Women in poverty has a huge impact in our world. The direction our society and history goes, has led to the disparity of gender. The gap between women and men in poverty has increased exponentially in the past decade. There are several factors that have led to this issue. In poor countries men own 90 percent of the land, which is a far greater gender disparity in wealth than found in high-income nations. Therefore, 70 percent of the 1.4 billion people living near absolute poverty are women. This confirms even in a working society that women are not getting treated and are rewarded less for their effort. In high- income countries such as Canada and Sweden, women don’t get equal recognition for the things they do. In low-income nations…show more content…
Countries should not have greater disadvantages compared to the United States based on low-income. The United States has a lot more advantages than low-income countries due to its wealth, such as well paid jobs, working with men and not having to stay at home with their children. It is a fact that women in the United States are more likely to be poor then men. Over half of the thirty-seven million Americans living in poverty today are women. The gap between men and women in poverty is far vaster in America than anywhere else. In 2007, 13.8 percent of females were poor compared to the 11.1 percent of men. Women living in high-income countries such as the United States give birth with the help of medical attention, but for low-income countries this is usually not the case. The Death Toll in poverty by race causes the population of many poor Americans to double 25 percent every year. There are a lot of drawbacks to those who have low-income such as housing stability and economic development. Even with economic development, working conditions are harder due to Global income. When comparing the Gross Domestic Product, comparisons show the richest nations in the United States are thousands of times more productive than the poor
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