Women's Economic Empowerment

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The study with two theoretical frameworks by Blumberg (2004) who cited by Rambo (2012) put forward gender stratification and gender and development. Justifying the linkage between women’s economic empowerment and VSLA programs. The connection linking wealth creation, gender equality and humanity’s well being in general is brought out by the two theories. In both theories, Blumberg (2004) as discussed by Rambo (2012) argues that there is a link between economic empowerment and use of low cost and easy financial services in community level. The formulation of the theories assumes that access financial services enable women empowerment by giving them capital in order to earn income unsupported and economically contribute to their homes and communities.…show more content…
Furthermore, Chen et al (2005) cited by Rambo (2010) group a number of indicators of empowerment into 3 broad categorized; • First, material effects; level of capital invested, income, land and equipment & machinery owned. Other materials like food access, education, healthcare, housing, water supply, sanitation and energy. • Second perpetual results of women’s economic empowerment leads to higher self esteem were women perceive better their personality, interest and values. Also, improved confidence; better perception about ability and capacity in addition to a more focused future. Other perpetual effects are community respect and high ranking in society. • Lastly, relational changes include increased participation both at household and community level in decision-making. Enhanced bargaining power, increase in non-family group, local institutes and government participation. Also, there is increased capability to act independent while accessing resources, markets and public institutions in addition to ability to lead and be more organized. Similarly, there is decline in women’s exposure to violation of their rights, domestic violence and…show more content…
There might be an improvement in the way women manage financial matters of the household, for the first time some women are able to access huge amounts of money. The money used as capital input enables women to start their individual economic activities. Also, it can be reinvested in the existing economic activities, purchase assets or improve their household economic activities status. Moreover, there might be increased investment over a long term, productivity and more market participation of their economic activities (Mayoux and Pagura,

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