Essay On Gender Equality In The EU

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The second hypothesis of this study is that the current legislation on both EU and national level regarding gender equality in boards is both unsuitable and non-existing. That is also the main reason for the lack of gender-balance on boards. EU does not have the legislation to regulate this issue, Member States do not have it either and there is no solution to look forward to. On the level of the EU there is a rich history of regulating the gender equality issues since 1957, which means that the EU has been working on promoting gender equality for 60 years. Thus, EU sets an example for the affirmation of equal opportunities for all governing relations between the genders / sexes. The right to equality of men and women in the EU is the result of development through which one contractual provisions grew in the branched system. It is still changing. Gender equality is a fundamental principle of the legal system of the European Union and the objective which it is expressly systematically promotes and strives to bring to life through primary and secondary…show more content…
Again, the most important principle which was ensured is the equal work-equal pay one. “Each Member State shall ensure that the principle of equal pay for male and female workers for equal work or work of equal value is applied.” Furthermore, in the same Treaty, the EU sets goal in fighting gender discrimination. „In all the activities referred to in this Article, the Community shall aim to eliminate inequalities, and to promote equality, between men and women.” The Amsterdam Treaty confirmed the importance of the principle of equal opportunities and respect for human rights in the integration process. Nevertheless, the contract says nothing about actual equality, or the realization of the principle of equality in

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