Essay On Gender Equality In The Workplace

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Wage Wars Protecting our basic civil rights in the United States is a recognizable value that all citizens want to obey or carry out. Civil rights are rooted on the idea of any citizen not receiving equal or fair treatment compared to the people around them. Although this is true, a major issue in today’s society that I have discovered revolves around the difference in gender equality and the gender wage gap in the workforce. Some people believe that females are not as capable as males causing a flux in the wages paid for the same job, however this is a stereotype that needs to be exterminated. The United States is currently facing an economical problem that involves males and female differences within the workplace. Males are given bigger and sometimes even better rewards for doing equal amounts of work as their female counterparts. Females are frequently not receiving the same wage even if they can complete the same job of a male. Also, females are less likely to get promoted within their job if they are competing against a male. A source states, “Women are now more likely to have college degrees than men, yet they still face a pay gap in every single education level,…show more content…
When that resource, time, is being used to focus on gender verses productivity the company as a whole suffers. By achieving gender equality in the workplace, companies should start to see a significant amount of financial progression. According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, “It can also improve national productivity and economic growth” (WGEA). This statistic can make for a great motivator in the business world. Not only can removing the gender factor reduce the number of barriers associated with females, but it can show that a company is willing to give every employee an equal chance which can lead to attracting newer potential experienced employees of both genders. Ultimately, gender equality can boost a company’s overall economic

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