Essay On Gender Inequality In Pakistan

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Yuri Block F 6/12/15 Challenges Pakistani Women Face due to Gender Inequality Many fail to realize, due to long held beliefs and social norms, that gender equality is beneficial to both men and women. Gender equality “refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men” (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women). However, women in many societies do not have the opportunity to receive the same opportunities and standards of living as men. Rather, they are subordinate figures in their patriarchal society. Gender inequality is a global phenomenon that requires immediate attention, especially in developing countries like Pakistan. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country with the population…show more content…
A Pakistani woman’s role is established by its society. They are to generally marry young, bear several babies, and become an obedient housewife. Child marriages, called Vani in their traditional language, sometimes occur as a settlement of debts or dispute. Though the details of the marriage custom vary according to different parts of the country, most marriages are arranged and patrilocal. The exact numbers of child marriages are not available due to lack of proper documentation, but it is estimated that 37% women in Pakistan are married below 18 years of age (ISJ, 2001, para. 2). When adolescent girls marry and are impregnated, they are in risk of death due to complications and pregnancy and childbirth. Married women, especially if they are young, are likely to be robbed of their opportunities and liberty. In addition to the evil custom that is called Vani, horrific violence and crimes such as honor killings, rape, acid attack, forced marriage, domestic and sexual abuse are common in Pakistan despite some reforms and laws that aim to prevent the barbaric

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