Gender Inequality In The Middle East Essay

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In several parts of the world, women are still treated as subordinates to men. This been accompanied by several issues of oppressions, humiliation, discrimination, control, exploitation, and violence. Women are being treated unequally when it comes to their basic rights to food, education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. The men make all the decisions when it comes to the control of productive resources in the society, they hold the most powerful positions, and they look down to women because of their gender differences. Gender based discrimination has been on the spread as they have become more accepted in modern societies. The norms in the society have been expected to determine the role women will play in a particular society. For instance, the difference in societal norms between the Middle East and the West has…show more content…
Several factors such as class, religion, background, ethnicity, geographical regions, socio-cultural practices, and ethnicity determine the nature of subjugation and control inflicted on women. For example, there is a difference in the nature of subordination by women in the already developed countries and the subordination in the developing countries. These factors constitute to the difference in gender inequality among countries in the Middle East and the West. Inequality however exists in all these regions. Although there is a difference in the nature of subordination by women, the characteristics of gender inequality still remain the same. For example, all cases are characterized by men controlling the sexuality and reproductive power of the women. This kind of control has been evolving over the years leading to its legitimization by several social practices, ideologies across different societies, the media, the law, religions, several institutions such as the family, and the society in
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