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“There’s a gender in your brain and gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, they’re mismatched. That is all. It’s not complicated…” (Bono, 2013) Although many people would disagree, I think the transgender community should have the right to use the restroom of the gender they identify with or have an alternate choice. Some people may argue that it would be a dangerous liability, but try walking a mile in the shoes of a person who is transgender. Some people may even agree to providing gender neutral restrooms. The dangers of a person of the opposite sex using the restroom they prefer are very obvious, but is every person out to cause danger to other people in the restroom?…show more content…
"The fact is that a transgender kid goes to the bathroom for the same reason that everyone else does. They go and take care of their business and they leave. Then they go back to school." (Harison, 2013) Going into a restroom, the transgender person feels more at risk of being harassed than anyone else in that restroom. Picture yourself—a woman or a man—going into the opposite gender’s restroom. It would be humiliating, and skeptics could honestly say they feel completely invaded of privacy and just plain awkward. This is how a transgender person feels every day! When they feel they were meant to be of the opposite sex, but they are still forced to use the restroom according to the gender assigned at birth, they feel completely uncomfortable, vulnerable, and most of all—scared. Even when a transgender person walks into their preferred restroom it is still a very scary place, but it feels more comfortable. It is hard for transgender people to be confident when walking into the restroom because they never know if they are going to be able to pass as their preferred identity. If someone suspects anything, they could be faced with dangerous circumstances. Instead of transgender people taking these chances, it would be smart for architects to consider a gender neutral restroom option when designing a

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