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In recent discussions of the gender wage gap, a controversial issue has been based on the causes of this pay gap. On one hand, some argue that it is caused by employers discriminating against women. On the other hand, others argue it is caused by the decisions women make in their lives. My own view, after months of research, is that the gender wage gap is indeed impacted more by external factors connected to social norms, such as motherhood and different career choices, and less of sexist employers. Being a mother significantly affects what jobs women take and how much they earn from their employers, which increase the gender pay gap. Although women can be just as ambitious as men, taking care of a child and starting a family seems to affect…show more content…
This results in women taking jobs in lower positions or that pay low, since their lack of recent experience and hours worked in the past are found unappealing to employers who seek employees who are motivated and committed. This absence of female employment in high paying professions is directly correlated to the gender pay gap. Although women can be just as ambitious as men, motherhood greatly decreases their average income and affects which jobs they will be hired for in the future as well. One common theme that emerges from these sources is the emphasis that women take different career paths and career choices than men, resulting in a misinforming gender pay gap by the media. This is also an example of how social norms is an important factor to this wage gap. For instance, fewer women than men are aiming for the very top in jobs, and “among senior managers, 60% of women say they want to be a top executive, compared to 72% of men”(Lebowitz). This may be based on the assumption that women may prioritize other aspects in life, such as starting a family, which was previously mentioned. This affects their choice of being promoted to higher positions because it requires more hours and commitment to the job, and

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