Femininity In Movies

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For centuries women have been fighting an ongoing battle for their equal rights, in film it is we can see how strong actress have broken through barriers and dominated the films we watch, Like helena bonham carter, angelina jolie. Now, i didn't want to talk about female involvement in film , because that is topic that answers itself: I want to take the approach of the representation of the female gender in the films we watch. These Women stated above would not have been where they are if it wasn't for the early female actresses like Bette Davis ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’, Dorothy Mcguire ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’. Actresses that paved the way and put their marked on the film industry have allowed fresh talent to now take hold of roles that represent issues that are concurrent in society.

The theory gender in today's world is still almost a grey area, its almost split between what we think should be shown to our children and youth but also split in to habits that are limiting and still questionable. Gender beholds an emphasis on femininity when looking at it from the perspective of Film. it clearly derives from political standpoint to identify and work against gender inequalities.often it is
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Although I believe overall representation and flexibility of female characters in film is growing in improvement. there are still ten times more male characters for every one female actor. As well as this; women have less leading roles, and alongside this, there are way less film directors and film producers who are female. the comparison of salary between female and male has a huge gap. On top of this, a women’s careers in the film industry really does base on if they are seen to have the “Hollywood” ; meaning that skinny and youthful look, in the recent years we have seen this has slowly changed like actresses like Melissa
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