Essay On Gender Roles In Dawn And Neuromancer

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Traditionally structured gender roles place both men and women into very strict categories. However, as we move into the future this way of thinking becomes increasingly archaic. Thinking of such things in such black and white terms gives one a narrow point of view and places people in categories which they do not fit. In Octavia Butler’s Dawn and William Gibson’s Neuromancer the ideas of the feminine gender role are redefined.
Both Neuromancer and Dawn are works of science fiction taking place in the future of our own world. In this way they both provide ways to look at our own society through a different lense. Both Gibson and Butler bring to light many of the problems of our own world through their literature. Two articles are highlighted as well: In her article, Razor Girls: Genre and Gender in Cyberpunk fiction, Lauraine Leblanc addresses the issue of gender as a dichotomous system. Similarly, Nancy Jesser speaks about gender and genes in her article Blood, Genes and Gender in Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Dawn. Both provide analysis on how gender plays out through both Dawn and Neuromancer. In Dawn the protagonist Lilith takes on more
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Both Lilith and Molly fall into this trap as well however on the masculine side. As Jesser writes: “Butler’s Heroine certainly displays characteristics that often fall into the masculine code of behaviors, such as greed, aggression and a desire to dominate” (39). Both Molly and Lilith show these behaviors along with following the stereotype of masculinity equaling strength. When Lilith tries to control the humans she often ends up resorting to force. When Case tries to rape one of the women Lilith responds with more violence (Butler 177-178). While her use of force was justified it shows Lilith’s tendency towards violence when angered. Lilith often acts aggressively, letting her anger control
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