Gender Equality In The Media

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“Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There is too much fraternizing with the enemy.” (Kissinger) Since the beginning of time, men and women have been rivals in the clash for superiority. The combat zone for these gender-focused battles include the workplace, modern education, the media, and society itself. Males have recently, and not-so-recently, been idolized for their efforts and their abilities to act like males. Evidently, women in various areas of the working world are being treated as less of assets, and more as accessories. Discrimination and sexism come into play when dealing with gender-related matters seen on a variety of platforms. However, feminists and females in general are concentrating their power on gender equality for the better of…show more content…
Music videos, song lyrics, and movies have labeled women in their entirety as objects for use rather than equally regarded human beings. For example, women that hold main character status in a film usually are belittled and use sexual favors in return for what they want. “When Renée Zellweger in her movie, “Chicago,” used temptation with men to get out of prison and progress in her career as an entertainer, she reemphasized the image of woman who manipulates her surroundings, using her sexual command.” (Nino) To continue, countless corporations and media platforms view women as manipulative, exploited, downgraded individuals and for generations this view has been preserved by the silence of women. Whilst inequality of the genders fluffs the male ego, females are disparaged to an inferior status. For this, cases of rape and other violent acts towards women has been on the rise due to a male’s inevitable craving for power and the permissible act of objectifying the female gender. Ultimately, women have begun to take action on this matter and plan on ceasing the inequality gap between male and

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