Essay On Gender Stereotypes In The Media

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Overall, many movies and TV shows reinforce gender stereotypes created by the media. The show that will be the main focus is 90210. It sets specific gender roles for males and females which are only followed by that gender. The typical gender stereotypes are showing how men and women are supposed to look, behave, act and what they’re supposed to be interested in.

According to Social Psych Online, “Women are more likely to be sexualized than men; they are more likely to wear seductive clothing, they are often more attractive than the men in the advertisement”, this also applies to 90210. The men in the show wear mainly casual clothes and don’t pay much attention to their looks. Stereotypically men don’t care about what they wear and how they look unless they're gay. In 90210, Teddy, who’s gay, wears elegant clothes, which reinforces the stereotype, that gays pay attention to their looks in contrast to straight men.

Stereotypically girls care about what they wear and how they look. In 90210 the women would always look elegant and usually they would wear elegant but tight and/or revealing clothing, like in the previously mentioned quote, to sexualize them.

Furthermore, Malgorzata Wolska said, “Through the ages men have been considered to be
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The music producer told Adrianna that, if she wanted to further her career, they’d need to sex up her image, so he made her pole dance in only a bra and a skirt in her music video, for her to further her career easier, become more successful and have more fans who would want to watch her. Since men only like to watch girls singing when they are in tight and revealing clothing who also are trying to seduce them, according to the music producer. On the contrary, when Dixon, who’s a man, was trying to further his career, all he was required to do, is to create more songs in a shorter period of

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