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A gender stereotype is a general view or presumption about attributes or characteristics that are to be possessed by, or the roles that are or should be performed by women and men. (OHCHR 1996-2018.
As we grow up, we have been taugh that there are certain things that only boys can do and certains things only girls can do. Things like the toy children play with , the kids of cloth children wear are all stereotyped.
Stereotypes are everywhere; they are on magazines, posters, television, the internet and especially children movies. Stereotypes are presented everywhere in the media; from preschool to a lasting lifetime concepts like boys being the super hero and girls being
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The girls have numerous different kinds and sizes of dolls to choose from ranging from dolls, Barbie clothes, doll houses, Barbie cars, and doll furniture in the girls’ section. This shows the stereotypical attitude that all girls like to nurture and will someday be expected to be mothers and the primary care giver for their children. Other toys I noticed that were very stereotypical were the child size vacuum, broom, and kitchen set. Even at this young age we show girls it is part of their role to cook and clean.
In addition, Children also learn about gender from their parents from an early stage. when child is born they are presented to the world of gender stereotypes, from the colour of their room, to the clothes they are wear and to the type of toys they play with. The parents are the original source of this gender issue, because they chose the child’s environment and begin the early learning process about gender roles. Children can see how roles and tasks are shared within the home such as cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, managing household finances, taking children to school. parents usually raise male and female children differently. Girls and boys are taught to be completely different when it comes to emotions, dependency, and competitiveness, and are often girls and often given toys, such as girls getting tea sets and boys getting footballs, that encourage the “gender

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