Gender Violence Cause And Effect Essay

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Gender Violence: Causes and Effect *Bechan Singh & **Kamini Singhal
The term “gender violence” includes all types of violence against women, men, adolescents, children, gay and transgender people. Gender is the powerful predictor of sexual assault, rape and relationship violence. This type of violence is influenced by gender relations. To address this violence, we have to consider the causes which have impact on gender violence. These incidents of violence are predominantly against women and often perpetrated by men.
Violence against women is a universal problem occurring in every social group and culture. It has been understood as “Gender based violence” because
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Everything is discussed so openly by us, the media, the films & society in general, that we make our children adults before their time. So, in the 21st century even though women are educated and equally participate in employment with men, still the social conventions, traditions and restrictions control the life of women directly or indirectly. Violence against women is a serious problem concerning human rights violation. In last two decades violence against women has emerged as the most burning issue throughout the globe. Day to day violence is increasing in spite of all the necessary actions taken by the various government agencies & the public…show more content…
The present paper is an approach to analyze violence against women specially concentrating on domestic violence, causes/factors contributing towards violence against women, the statistical data which includes crimes committed against women in India and some important measures to prevent this spreading malady
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